Transferring content from a Windows computer using Music Center for PC

You can transfer content that is stored on a Windows computer to the Walkman via Music Center for PC.

  1. Use a computer on which Music Center for PC has been installed.
  2. Launch Music Center for PC.
  3. Connect the Walkman to the computer via USB.

  4. Click c_mc_transfer in the bottom left of Music Center for PC to open the list of content on the Walkman.
  5. Select [Music Library] to open the list of content on Music Center for PC.
  6. Select albums or tracks that you want to transfer.
  7. Click c_mc_arrow01 to transfer.

For details on the procedure, see [How to use] on the Music Center for PC support website. (


  • Do not disconnect the USB cable during data transfer. Otherwise, the data may be damaged.
  • Transferred content is limited to private use only. Use of content for other purposes requires the permission of the copyright holders.

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