Charging the battery

  1. Connect the USB cable (supplied) to the USB cradle (supplied). Then, attach the Walkman to the USB cradle.

    Make sure to connect the terminals ( and ).

  2. Connect the Walkman to a running computer via USB.

    You can check the charging status with the lamp ().

    While the battery is charging: orange

    When charging is complete: green

  3. Disconnect the Walkman from the computer.


  • For details on how long it takes to charge the battery fully, see [Specifications].


  • The computer may not recognize the Walkman in the following situations.

    • When you connect the Walkman to the computer for the first time.
    • When the Walkman has not been used for a long period of time.
      Charge the Walkman for about 10 minutes. The Walkman may start operating normally.
  • If the terminals of the Walkman are wet, dry the terminals.

  • If the terminals of the Walkman are dirty, clean the terminals with a soft dry cloth.

  • You cannot operate the Walkman in the following situations.

    • While the Walkman is connected to a computer.
    • While the battery is charging .

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