Playing music

You need to transfer music content from a computer to the Walkman in advance.

On a Windows computer

  • Use Music Center for PC to transfer content from a CD or the computer to the Walkman.
  • Drag-and-drop content from Windows Explorer.

On a Mac computer

  • Use Content Transfer to transfer content from iTunes.
  • Drag-and-drop content from Finder.

  1. Press the button () to start playback.

    Press the button () again to pause playback.

Operation button Function
() Press the button to start or pause playback.

Press the button to skip to the beginning of the current track or the previous track.

Hold down the button to fast rewind the track while playing.


Press the button to skip to the beginning of the next track.

Hold down the button to fast forward the track while playing.


  • The Walkman will turn off automatically if you do not operate the Walkman for 30 minutes (only when playback is paused). Hold down the button () for 3 seconds to turn on the Walkman.

  • After the Walkman plays the last track, the Walkman automatically restarts playback from the first track in sequential order.


  • Depending on how you transferred the tracks to the Walkman, the Walkman may play tracks in a different order from the track order on the computer. To specify the track order, create a playlist with Music Center for PC or iTunes and transfer it to the Walkman.

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