Notes while swimming in a pool or the ocean

  • Do not use your Walkman in a crowded place or in circumstances which an inability to hear surrounding sounds would be dangerous.
  • When you use your Walkman in public or private swimming facilities, follow the rules of that facility.
  • The earbuds create a seal in your ear canal. Thus, there is a risk of damage to your ears or eardrums if strong pressure is applied to the earbuds, or the earbuds are removed suddenly from your ears. Due to this risk, do not do vigorous exercise, dive into a swimming pool, etc., while wearing your Walkman.
  • Do not pour hot water directly on your Walkman and do not blow hot air from a hair dryer, etc., directly on the Walkman. Never use the Walkman in high-temperature locations such as in saunas or near a stove.
  • Do not use or leave your Walkman in the following types of environment:
    • in high temperature locations with a temperature above 45 °C (113 ºF) such as under the blazing sun, in a car, in warm water or other high temperature and high humidity locations
    • in a cold locations with a temperature below –5 °C (23 ºF)
  • If you cannot avoid using your Walkman in a location exposed to direct sunlight, cover your Walkman with a towel, etc.
  • The sound volume is lower with Swimming earbuds than with standard-type earbuds. Increase the volume as needed.
  • When you replace Swimming earbuds with the standard-type earbuds, the sound becomes louder. Adjust the volume so as not to hurt your eardrums.
  • Your Walkman may detach and fall during vigorous exercise, etc.
  • Your Walkman will sink if dropped in water.
  • Radio waves do not transmit through water. You cannot perform the following operations via a Bluetooth connection underwater.
    • Listening to music on a smartphone.
    • Answering a call.
    • Using the Remote Commander (NW-WS625 only).

Notes on Ambient Sound Mode

  • When the Swimming earbuds are attached, ambient sound cannot be heard as well as when Standard-type earbuds are attached.
  • Ambient sounds cannot be heard well after using your Walkman in a pool or the ocean. Repeatedly pat the parts around the buttons of your Walkman softly against a dry cloth about 30 times. Then place your Walkman on a dry cloth at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours to ensure it is completely dry before the next use.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.