Digital Music PlayerNWZ-WS613/WS615

How to Use

Getting Started

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Before Use

Enjoying Using Your Walkman

Parts and Controls


Basic Operations

How to Place Your Walkman on Your Ears

LED Lamp

Using Your Walkman while Swimming

Using Supplied Remote Commander

Connecting Your Walkman to Your Computer


Transferring Content

Operation Flow for Transferring Content to Your Walkman

Installing Media Go

Installing Content Transfer

Importing Content to the Software

Transferring Content to Your Walkman

Deleting Content from Your Walkman

Operating with Media Go


Playing Music

Deleting Songs

Connecting with a Smartphone

Connecting with One Touch (NFC)

Connecting with a Smartphone via Bluetooth Connection

Notes on the Bluetooth Function

Using with a Smartphone

Playing Music Stored on a Smartphone

Answering Incoming Call to a Smartphone

Selecting the Sound Source between your Walkman and a Smartphone

Operating Your Walkman Using a Smartphone (SongPal)



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