Adjusting the sound quality settings

The Walkman has various settings for adjusting the sound quality.

From the [Settings] menu

On the playback screen, tap and then [Settings].

You can set the following sound settings from the menu listed under [Sound].

Direct Source (Direct)

This setting outputs the file’s original sound quality directly without applying any sound effects.

Saved Sound Settings

  • Save Current Settings:
    You can save customized sound quality settings as your own sound presets.
  • Saved Sound Settings 1/2/3:
    You can retrieve preset sound quality settings.

From the [Settings] – [Sound Settings] menu

On the playback screen, tap the menu items in the following order.

– [Settings] – [Sound Settings] ([Sound]).

You can also adjust the following settings from the sound quality setting screens.

Equalizer/Tone Control

You can customize the equalizer and tone control settings from their respective screens.

On the equalizer screen, tap [Adjust] to adjust the setting. On the tone control screen, rotate the dials to adjust the settings.

Tap to select [Equalizer] or [Tone Control]. The selected setting will take effect.


This function upscales the sound quality of audio files. The sound quality will become almost equal to that of High-Resolution Audio. The function reproduces the clear high-range sound that is often lost.

Select a sound type based on the source sound.

DC Phase Linearizer

This function adjusts low-frequency phase shifts to reproduce the audio characteristics of analog amplifiers.

Select a sound type for this setting.

Dynamic Normalizer

You can moderate the change in volume between tracks to minimize differences in volume level.


  • When there is an active Bluetooth connection, the sound quality settings are invalid.
  • You cannot adjust [Sound Settings] in the following cases.

    • When [Direct Source (Direct)] is set to [On].

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