HDMI 4K Output (movie)

Sets the HDMI output when connecting to recorders that support 4K.

  1. MENU(Camera Settings1) → [Shoot Mode] → desired movie recording mode.
  2. Connect the camera and the device to be connected via an HDMI cable.
  3. MENU (Setup) → [HDMI 4K Output] → desired setting.
  4. Record the movie output from the camera using the external recording/playback device.

Menu item details

4K video is not output.
4K video is output in 30p/25p format.
24p (Only for 1080 60i compatible models):
4K video is output in 24p format.


  • You cannot save a 4K movie on a memory card inserted into the camera.
  • While 4K video is output, the live-view image does not appear on the camera’s monitor. Only icons are displayed.
  • This function is only available when the product is connected to a recorder that supports 4K.
  • This function is only available in movie recording mode.