Cont. Shooting

Shoots images continuously while you press and hold down the shutter button.

  1. Turn the drive mode dial and select the desired mode.
    • Turn the drive mode dial while pressing the drive mode dial lock release button.

Setting item details

Continuous Shooting: Hi /Continuous Shooting: Mid/Continuous Shooting: Lo

Shutter Type
Mechanical Shut. Auto/Electronic Shut.
Continuous Shooting: Hi 5 images per second at maximum*1 20 images per second at maximum*1*2*3
Continuous Shooting: Mid 5 images per second at maximum*1 10 images per second at maximum*1
Continuous Shooting: Lo 2.5 images per second at maximum 5 images per second at maximum*1

*1 When the F-value is greater than F11, the focus is locked to the setting in the first shot.

*2 When the Focus Mode is set to AF-C (Continuous AF), the speed of continuous shooting varies depending on the attached lens. For details, check the support page on compatible lenses.

*3 During uncompressed RAW shooting, 12 images are shot per second at maximum.


  • To continuously adjust the focus and exposure during continuous shooting, set as follows:
    • [Focus Mode]: [Continuous AF]
    • [AEL w/ shutter]: [Off] or [Auto]


  • Continuous shooting is unavailable in the following situations:
    • [Picture Effect] is set to [Rich-tone Mono.].
    • [DRO/Auto HDR] is set to [Auto HDR].