TV SideView

Find, record and talk about your favorite TV shows using the TV SideView application with compatible Sony devices.

Using a handheld mobile device, operate other Sony devices connected to the same home network. You can also use convenient functions such as timer recording, content search and remote playback to get even more enjoyment from your content.

TV SideView

Are you wondering if there's anything interesting on TV tonight? Check out recommended programs when you're out and about.

In Top picks, programs popular with other viewers and programs recommended based on your preferences are displayed. Simply select the image of a program that interests you to see detailed information about the program.

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When you really want to watch a program live, set an alarm to make sure you don't forget!

When you want to watch the big game live or see the next installment of your favorite drama show, you can set an alarm to be sure you don't miss it. The alarm notifies you before the program starts. You can open detailed program information and change the television channel directly from the message.

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If a friend with similar tastes recommends a program, you're sure to like it! Check out your friends' recommendations on your News feed.

Your News feed shows a list of program information that your friends have posted to Facebook. If you're looking for a program you'll like, start by checking out your friends' recommendations. Enjoy TV more with this feature compatible with TV SideView!

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Curious about what’s on next but don’t want to interrupt the current TV show?
Now you can check the on-screen program guide from your hand-held device without blocking what you are watching on TV.

You can display the on-screen program guide and details about each program on your smartphone or tablet. If it looks interesting, you can switch your TV’s channel to the selected program or set the timer to record it for later viewing - all from your handheld device.

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”I love this actor!” Search for everything related to your favorite actor, right from the program description.

Have you ever wondered, “Who is this person?” when watching a new TV show or movie?
Displaying details about the program from the TV SideView menu shows you who is acting in the show. Selecting the actor’s name will display additional information about their career, and other shows that they have appeared in.

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Discover what your friends think about your favorite show.

Share your viewing experience with friends by telling them what you think about the plot or what is exciting or funny – even as the show is playing.

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Share a new discovery on the big screen, the moment you find it.

TV SideView searches across multiple platforms, so the simplest keyword search may turn up some pretty interesting videos or content. Share that discovery on your TV with everyone in the room, as soon as you find it.

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You can...

  • check what's on TV tonight while you're out.

  • set an alarm for a program you want to watch.

  • see programs recommended by your friends on your News feed.

  • view the program guide without blocking the TV screen.

  • search for information about your favorite actor.

  • share your thoughts about the latest show.

  • share keyword search results on the big screen.

You need...

a TV (or AV device) and mobile device connected to the same network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Compatible devices

  • LCD TV BRAVIA released after 2011
  • Blu-ray DiscTM / DVD Home Theatre System released after 2010
  • Blu-ray DiscTM / DVD Player released after 2010
  • Streaming Player
  • Network Media Player
  • Sony Internet TV
  • Multi Channel AV Receiver
  • Smartphones / tablets

    Android OS 4.0.3 or later

    iOS 6, 7

  • VAIO with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 pre-installed

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  • The devices, app or functions may not be available in some countries and/or regions.


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  • BRAVIA and other Sony product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation or any of its affiliates.