Making a call

You can enjoy hands-free calls with a BLUETOOTH mobile phone that supports the BLUETOOTH profile HFP (Hands-free Profile).

  • Operations may vary depending on the mobile phone. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your mobile phone.
  1. Make a BLUETOOTH connection with the mobile phone.

    The BLUETOOTH indicator lights up in white when the BLUETOOTH connection is established.

  2. Operate the mobile phone to make a call.

    While making a call, playback pauses and the dial tone is heard from the speaker.

    When the receiver takes the call, talk into the microphone of the speaker.

    If no dial tone is heard from the speaker

    • The mobile phone may not be connected to the speaker with HFP. Make sure the mobile phone is connected via BLUETOOTH.
    • Switch the call device to the speaker by pressing and holding the (call) button for about two seconds.
  3. Adjust the volume by pressing the –/+ (volume) buttons on the speaker or the volume control on the mobile phone.

    When you press the –/+ (volume) buttons, the (power) indicator flashes once or three times according to the volume adjustment.

  4. To end a call, press the (call) button.

    Playback will resume (if it is interrupted) when the call ends. If you end a call by operating the BLUETOOTH mobile phone, playback will resume (if it is interrupted) when the call ends.
    Depending on the mode of the speaker, playback may not resume. In this case, start playback.


  • If the other party cannot hear or can barely hear your voice, talk more directly into the microphone of the speaker.
  • The volume of music playback and calling are set independently in the speaker.


  • Depending on the mobile phone, playback might not pause when making a call.
  • Use a mobile phone at least 50 cm away from the speaker. Noise may result if the speaker and the mobile phone are too close.