About the voice guidance

Depending on the status of the speaker, the voice guidance is output from the speaker as follows.


  • The voice guidance of this speaker is output only in English.

BLUETOOTH function

  • “Bluetooth pairing”

Wireless Surround/Wireless Stereo function

  • “Wireless stereo”
  • “Start connecting”
  • “Disconnected”
  • “Left”
  • “Right”

Speaker Add function

  • “Speaker Add”
  • “Connected”
  • “Disconnected”
  • “Double Mode”
  • “Left”
  • “Right”

Remaining battery capacity*

  • “Battery fully charged”
  • “Battery about 80%”
  • “Battery about 60%”
  • “Battery about 40%”
  • “Battery about 20%”
  • “Please charge”

* When the speaker is turned on without connecting the speaker to an AC outlet by using the supplied micro-USB cable and USB AC adaptor, the voice guidance will be output.


  • The Voice of the remaining battery capacity (BATT Level) can be turned off by selecting [Settings] – [Power Option] – [BATT Level (Voice)] – [Off] on the menu of SongPal.