Using the 興趣探索 button

You can use the 興趣探索 button to search for content (such as TV programmes and Internet content). The content that displays when pressing the 興趣探索 button varies depending on your model/region/country.

  1. Press the 興趣探索 button.
  2. Move the focus up or down to select the desired category.
  3. Move the focus left or right to select the desired item.
  4. Press the button to launch the selected item.

To change the settings of this function

  1. Press the 興趣探索 button.
  2. Move the focus down to the [Settings] category.
  3. Select the desired item to change the settings.

Available options

[Show/Hide categories]
Select content categories to be shown in 興趣探索. You cannot hide [Settings].
You can hide [Top Picks] depending on your TV model.
[Reorder categories]
Select a content category to reorder.
[Add channels to Favourites]
Add your favourite channels to 興趣探索.
[Add keyword categories]
Add keywords to create your own custom content category.
[Display size]
Select the display size of the menu.


  • Some options may not be available depending on your TV model.