Using the “Video & TV SideView” app with your smartphone/tablet

You can install the “Video & TV SideView” app in your mobile device and use the mobile device to control the TV. To use your mobile device as a TV remote control, register it to the TV as a remote device. (Registration is required only for the first time.)

  1. Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  2. Router
  3. Modem
  4. Internet
  5. Wi-Fi Direct
  6. Wi-Fi
  7. Mobile device

Available operations when using the “Video & TV SideView” app

  • Powering on and controlling the TV as a remote control
  • Entering text using the mobile device’s keyboard

For comprehensive information about the “Video & TV SideView” app, refer to the following website:

For details on how to use the “Video & TV SideView” app, refer to the app’s help guide.


  • You can search and download the “Video & TV SideView” app from here:
    • Google Play (for Android OS)
    • App Store (for iOS)

Registering a mobile device to the TV

Mutual registration (the following steps) is required only for the first time.

  1. Connect the TV to your home network.
  2. Connect the mobile device to the home network that the TV is connected to or search for the TV from the list of available Wi-Fi Direct devices.
  3. Launch the “Video & TV SideView” app on the mobile device.
  4. Select the TV from the detected device list, then perform the required operation on your device.


  • You can also connect the “Video & TV SideView” app to the TV using Wi-Fi Direct. Press the 主選單 button, turn on the TV’s Wi-Fi Direct function by selecting [Settings] — [Network] — [Wi‑Fi Direct] — [Wi‑Fi Direct] — [On], then navigate to the [Wi‑Fi Direct settings] page by selecting [Settings] — [Network] — [Wi‑Fi Direct] — [Wi‑Fi Direct settings].

To turn on the TV from “Video & TV SideView” on your mobile device

  1. Press the 主選單 button, then select [Settings] — [Network] — [Remote start] — [On].

Standby power consumption increase if you select [On].


  • Make sure that [Remote device/Renderer] is set to [On]. To confirm the setting, press the 主選單 button, then select [Settings] — [Network] — [Home network setup] — [Remote device/Renderer] — [Remote device/Renderer].
  • The name and available functions of “Video & TV SideView” are subject to change.