Personal ComputerVAIO Duo 13SVD1322

Using Face Recognition

Face recognition provides you with secure, convenient functions.

You can use the following functions by setting up the face recognition settings in advance.

A substitute for password entry to sign in to Windows

You can substitute face recognition for Windows password entry when signing in to Windows. See Signing In to Windows Using Face Recognition for more information.

Quick website access with the web log-in function

You can substitute face recognition for entering your user information (user accounts, passwords, etc.) required to access the password-protected websites.

To use this function, you need to set up the web log-in settings in the FastAccess window in advance. To start FastAccess, see Starting Apps.


  • You may not be able to use the web log-in function depending on the website you access.


  • With face recognition, you can sign in to Windows without entering a password. It is convenient if you set up your VAIO computer to start your preferred app when detaching the pen (Digitizer Stylus) from the computer. See Starting Your Preferred App when You Detach the Pen (Digitizer Stylus supplied models) for more information.

  • You can set up the web log-in settings and the security strength settings for face recognition in the FastAccess window. Refer to the help file included with FastAccess for information on each setting.