VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Notes on Using the Battery Pack

Before using the battery pack, read the following precautions for correct use.

About the battery pack

  • The supplied battery pack is designed specifically for your VAIO computer.

  • For your safety, only use the supplied battery pack or an optional battery pack that is specified by Sony.

  • For safety reasons, battery charging may be suspended at higher or lower temperatures.

  • While your VAIO computer is connected to an AC outlet with the AC adapter, it runs on AC power, even if the battery pack is installed.

  • The battery pack is not fully charged at the time of delivery.

  • While the battery pack is in use or being charged, heat builds up in the battery pack. This is normal and is not cause for concern.

  • Do not use your VAIO computer without installing the battery pack as it may cause the computer to malfunction.

About battery discharge

After battery charge, the battery pack will gradually discharge over time even while not in use. If it is left unused for an extended period of time, the battery power may be depleted. It is recommended that you recharge the battery pack before use.

About battery life

Battery life varies depending on usage and settings.

About battery deterioration and replacement

  • The battery pack is consumable. The capacity gradually declines through repeated cycles of recharging and discharging. As a result, the battery life becomes short even if it is fully charged and eventually the battery pack reaches the end of its life.

  • If the battery pack quickly runs out of power after being fully charged or it has reached the end of its life, replace it with a new one.

When the battery pack is running out of power

If the battery pack runs out during your absence, power will be cut off and any data you are working on will be lost.
While your VAIO computer is running on battery power, save data frequently.
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