VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Using the Built-in Camera
<Built-in camera equipped models>

If your VAIO computer is equipped with a built-in camera, you can make a video call through the Internet using communication software, such as Windows Live Messenger.
For detailed information on how to use the software, refer to the help file included with the software.

The built-in camera indicator light is on while the built-in camera is in use.
  • The software installed on your VAIO computer varies depending on the computer’s configurations.

To make a video call using Windows Live Messenger

  1. Click (Start), All Programs, and Windows Live Messenger.

You need to sign in to Windows Live Messenger to make a video call.

To display images from the built-in camera

  1. Click (Start), All Programs, ArcSoft Webcam Suite, and WebCam Companion 4.

  1. Click Capture.

  • If you cannot capture images properly, for example captured images are not displayed smoothly, click the current resolution of the capturing image in the upper right of the main window and lower the resolution.

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