VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Notes on Using the BLUETOOTH(R) Function
<BLUETOOTH equipped models>

Before using the BLUETOOTH function, read the following precautions for correct use.
  • In some countries or regions, using the BLUETOOTH function may be restricted by the local regulations.

  • The BLUETOOTH function may not work with some devices, depending on the manufacturer or the software version employed by the manufacturer. Check the system requirements of the BLUETOOTH device before purchasing.
    For information on BLUETOOTH devices, visit the VAIO Support website.
    Some BLUETOOTH devices require authentication (pairing) before establishing connection with another device. Perform the authentication process before connecting to such devices.

  • BLUETOOTH devices work on the 2.4 GHz band, which is used by a variety of devices. BLUETOOTH devices use the technology to minimize radio interference from other devices that use the same band; however, radio interference may still cause slower communication speeds, reduce communication range, or in some cases, cause communication failure.

  • Communication speed and range may vary depending on the following conditions:

  • Distance between communication devices

  • Existence of obstacles between devices

  • Ambient environment that includes existence of walls and materials of such walls

  • Device configuration

  • Software in use

  • Radio conditions
    Communications may be cut off depending on radio conditions.

  • If your VAIO computer is compliant with BLUETOOTH high speed technology and you intend to use it for high-speed communications, enable both the wireless LAN and BLUETOOTH functions on the computer.

  • Large files may occasionally be corrupted during continuous transfer due to limitations of the BLUETOOTH standard and electromagnetic interference in the environment.

  • Connecting multiple BLUETOOTH devices to your VAIO computer may cause channel congestion, resulting in poor device performance. This is normal with BLUETOOTH technology and does not indicate a malfunction.

  • Video and audio may not be synchronized if you play videos on your VAIO computer with audio output from a connected BLUETOOTH device. This is a frequent occurrence with BLUETOOTH technology and does not indicate a malfunction.

  • All BLUETOOTH devices must be certified through the procedure stipulated by Bluetooth SIG to ensure that they are compliant with the BLUETOOTH standard.
    Even if the BLUETOOTH devices are compliant with the BLUETOOTH standard, individual device performance, specifications, and operation procedures may vary. Data exchange may not be possible in all situations.

  • Not all BLUETOOTH devices are guaranteed of compatibility with your VAIO computer.

  • If you urgently need to disable the BLUETOOTH function, turn off your VAIO computer.

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