VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Combinations and Functions with the Fn Key

Press and hold down the Fn key and another key simultaneously to perform a keyboard shortcut action.
For example, to turn off the sound: Fn+F2 → Press and hold down the Fn key, then press the F2 key.
Some keyboard functions can only be used while Windows is running.

Fn + (F1)

Disables and enables the touch pad. [Details]

Fn + (F2)

Turns on and off the built-in speakers or the headphones.

Fn + / (F3/F4)

Press the button repeatedly to adjust the volume level of the built-in speakers and the headphones. [Details]
To decrease the volume, press the Fn+F3 keys.
To increase the volume, press the Fn+F4 keys.

Fn + / (F5/F6)

Press the button repeatedly to adjust the LCD brightness of your computer screen. [Details]
To decrease lighting intensity, press the Fn+F5 keys.
To increase lighting intensity, press the Fn+F6 keys.

Fn + (F7)

Switches the display output to an external display.
Press the Fn+F7 keys several times to select the desired display output destination, and then press the Enter key to confirm. [Details]

Fn + (F12)

Cuts off power to most of your VAIO computer, including LCD and CPU (Hibernate mode).