VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Changing the Resolution (Size) of the Screen Image on an HDMI-Connected Device

You can change the screen resolution or size of your VAIO computer’s screen image displayed on an external display, such as a TV, connected to the computer with an HDMI cable (not supplied).
  1. Connect your VAIO computer to an HDMI equipped TV with an HDMI cable. [Details]

  1. Turn on the TV.

  1. Double-click (HDMI Resolution Settings) in the desktop notification area.

The settings window appears.
  1. Click the Select Resolution tab to select the desired resolution, and then click Apply.

After a few seconds, the selected resolution is applied.
  1. If the computer image does not fit the displayable region of the TV, click the Adjust Resolution tab to adjust the display size.

  • Some resolution options may not be available, depending on the model or the HDMI-connected device.

  • The function to adjust the screen resolution may be disabled depending on the selected resolution.

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