VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Changing the Rapid Wake (Sleep Mode) Settings

You can change the Rapid Wake settings on VAIO Control Center.
Rapid Wake is enabled by default. With this function, you can keep your VAIO computer in Sleep mode without risk of data loss because the computer enters Sleep mode after your working data is saved on the built-in storage device.
For models that support Rapid Wake + Eco, you can conserve more battery power by reducing power consumption when the computer is in Sleep mode.
  1. Click (Start), All Programs, and VAIO Control Center.

  1. Click Power Management and Rapid Wake.

Click to select or clear the check box for Rapid Wake.
Select the check box to enable Rapid Wake or clear it to disable the function.
  • With Rapid Wake disabled, your working data is not saved on the built-in storage device when the computer enters Sleep mode. Therefore, if the computer is turned off during Sleep mode because, for example, the battery pack runs out of power or the computer is disconnected from an AC power source, the working data will be lost and cannot be restored. To avoid data loss, be sure to save the data before the computer enters Sleep mode. With Rapid Wake disabled, the power indicator light blinks slowly in orange during Sleep mode, and the charge and power indicator lights blink simultaneously when the battery pack runs out of power during Sleep mode.
    When you use the Hibernate mode, you need to disable Rapid Wake.

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