VAIO User Guide SVE1111 Series


Compatible “Memory Stick”

The “Memory Stick” slot on your VAIO computer can accommodate the following sizes and types of media:
  • “Memory Stick Duo”

  • “Memory Stick PRO Duo”

  • “Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo”*

  • “Memory Stick Micro”

* The “Memory Stick Duo” slot on your VAIO computer does not support 8-bit parallel data transfer (high-speed data transfer).
  • Your VAIO computer supports only Duo-size “Memory stick”, and does not support standard-size “Memory Stick”.

  • Before using “Memory Stick Micro” (“M2”), be sure to insert it into an “M2” Duo adaptor. If you insert the media directly into the “Memory Stick Duo” slot without the adaptor, you may not be able to remove it from the slot.

  • Your VAIO computer has been tested and found compatible with any Sony branded “Memory Stick” of up to 32 GB, available as of January 2012. However, “Memory Stick” compatibility is not guaranteed in all cases.

  • The “Memory Stick” slot on your VAIO computer does not support the copyright protection feature of “Memory Stick”.

  • If you use “Memory Stick” in a place subject to static electricity or electrical noise, stored data may be lost.

  • The maximum possible size for a file on “Memory Stick PRO Duo” or “Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo” is less than 4 GB, as defined in the file system specification.

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