VAIO User Guide


Parts and Controls on the Front

Describes the features on the front of the VAIO computer, such as buttons and indicator lights.
A. TV tuner board installed and 3D-capable LCD screen equipped models
B. 3D-capable LCD screen equipped models
C. TV tuner board installed models
D. Models with no TV tuner board and no 3D-capable LCD screen

  1. Picture off indicator [Details]

While using the Picture Off function, the picture off indicator lights in orange.
  1. Timer indicator [Details]

When you set the timer, the timer indicator light turns on in orange.
  1. WIRELESS indicator

  1. Disc drive indicator

  1. MONITOR indicator [Details]

  1. PC power indicator [Details]

  1. 3D button (3D-capable LCD screen equipped models)

  1. WEB button (WEB button equipped models) [Details]

  1. TV button (TV tuner board installed models)

  1. MONITOR power button [Details]

  1. PC power button [Details]

  1. Built-in camera [Details]

  1. Built-in camera indicator [Details]

  1. LCD screen or touch screen [Details]

  1. Remote sensor (TV tuner board installed models)

Notes on the LCD screen

The LCD screen is manufactured using high-precision technology. You may, however, see tiny black points and/or bright points (red, blue, or green) that continuously appear on the LCD screen. The ratio of defective pixels to all available pixels of the LCD screen is less than 0.0006 %. Also, depending on the viewing angle, uneven stripes of changes in color and luminance may appear. These are normal results of the LCD screen construction and do not indicate a malfunction. Take note that returns and replacements are not accepted.
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