VAIO User Guide


Parts and Controls on the Sides

Describes the features on the sides of the VAIO computer, such as connection ports.

Right side

  1. Optical disc drive [Details]

  1. Drive eject button [Details]

A. MONITOR operation buttons [Details]
  1. HOME button

  1. OPTION button

  1. / buttons / VOL (Volume) buttons

  1. / buttons / CH (Channel) buttons (TV tuner board installed models)

  1. INPUT/OK button

  1. RETURN button

Left side

  1. Media access indicator (“Memory Stick Duo” [Details], SD memory card [Details])

  1. “Memory Stick Duo” / SD memory card combined slot (“Memory Stick Duo” [Details], SD memory card [Details])

“Memory Stick Duo” and an SD memory card cannot be inserted into the slot simultaneously.
  1. USB ports [Details]

  1. i.LINK 4-pin (S400) port [Details]

  1. Headphones jack [Details]

  1. Microphone jack [Details]

  1. ASSIST button [Details]

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