VAIO User Guide


Parts and Controls on the Back

Describes the features on the back of the VAIO computer, such as connection ports.
  1. Air exhaust vent

  1. Rating plate

  1. HDMI OUTPUT port [Details]

  1. HDMI INPUT port [Details]

  1. VIDEO INPUT jacks [Details]

  1. LAN port [Details]

This LAN port is for use by the PC. Use this port to make LAN connection on Windows.
  1. DC IN port [Details]

  1. MONITOR ONLY LAN port [Details]

Use this port to make a Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) connection without starting Windows. This port cannot be used by the PC.
  1. CABLE/ANT (DIGITAL/ANALOG) port (TV tuner board installed models) [Details]

  1. MONITOR ONLY USB port [Details]

Use this port to view photos or play back music files without starting Windows. USB devices connected to this port cannot be accessed in Windows.
  1. USB ports [Details]

  1. USB port [Details]

This USB port supports USB charging. [Details]
  1. Foot stand

  • The air exhaust vent may get hot during use. Take care when touching it.

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