VAIO User Guide


Connecting the Wireless Keyboard

If you cannot use the wireless keyboard supplied with the computer, it is likely that wireless connection setup is required between the wireless keyboard and your VAIO computer.
Turn on your VAIO computer before connecting the keyboard.
  1. Check that an AA battery is inserted in the wireless keyboard you want to connect, and then slide the keyboard’s power switch to OFF.

  1. While pressing and holding the right Ctrl key of the keyboard, slide the keyboard’s power switch to ON.

The connect indicator turns on.
  • Keep the Ctrl key pressed.

  1. With the right Ctrl key pressed, put the keyboard immediately in front of your VAIO computer’s screen.

The connect indicator turns off and the connection is then established.
  • The connection procedure is not usually required to use the wireless keyboard with your VAIO computer.

  • Do not perform the connection procedure if you can use the wireless keyboard normally. Doing so may cause computer malfunction.

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