VAIO User Guide


Connecting a TV with an HDMI Input Port

You can connect a TV with an HDMI input port to your VAIO computer with an HDMI cable (not supplied).
Refer to the manual that came with your TV for more information on installation and use.
  1. Plug the power cord of your TV into an AC outlet and turn it on.

  1. Connect one end of an HDMI cable to the HDMI output port [Details] on your VAIO computer and the other end to the TV.

  1. Set the TV input to the external input.

The screen image of your VAIO computer is displayed on the TV.
  • If a device driver other than the one provided by Sony is used, the image will not be displayed and audio will not be heard. Always use the device driver provided by Sony for updates.

  • To hear sound from a device connected to the HDMI output port, you need to change the sound output device. For detailed instructions, see Changing the Sound Output Device. [Details]

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