VAIO User Guide


Starting Wi-Fi(R) (Wireless LAN) Communications

You can establish Wi-Fi communications between your VAIO computer and an access point (not supplied).
Before using Wi-Fi, make sure a Wi-Fi access point is on and operating.
  1. Connect an access point to your VAIO computer.

Refer to Windows Help and Support [Details] and the manual that came with the access point for more information.
  1. Open the charms [Details] and select the Settings charm.

  1. Select (the network icon).

  1. Select the desired access point and Connect.

After the connection is established, Connected appears in the selected wireless access point field.
If a security key [Details] entry window appears, enter the security key as required and select OK.
Note that security keys are case-sensitive.
  • It may take some time to find and connect to a Wi-Fi access point before starting communications via Wi-Fi.

  • Once you connect your VAIO computer to the access point by entering the security key, the access point will be registered in the computer. You do not have to enter the security key for subsequent connections.

To check Wi-Fi connection status

Open the desktop [Details] and move the mouse pointer over (the Network icon) in the desktop notification area to check the Wi-Fi connection status, such as the access point currently connected to your VAIO computer.
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