VAIO User Guide


Notes on Recovery

Read the following notes thoroughly before recovering your VAIO computer.

Important notes on recovery

  • Recovering your VAIO computer will delete all the data on the built-in storage device and restore all the settings to the original factory settings. Make sure you have a backup copy of your valuable data.
    If you want to retain the main settings and personal data, refresh the computer. [Details]

  • Disconnect all peripherals from your VAIO computer except the power cord, the AC adapter, or devices required for recovery before recovering the computer.

  • Keep the power cord or the AC adapter connected to your VAIO computer during the recovery process.

  • Do not stop the recovery process until the process is complete.

  • If you have forgotten the password and cannot start the recovery process, contact an authorized Sony service/support center to reset it. A reset fee will be charged.

Notes on apps

  • Recovering your VAIO computer can restore only the preinstalled apps. The app(s) that has been installed on your own or the data you have created since purchase cannot be restored. In addition, you cannot restore only Windows.

  • Certain preinstalled apps include options that allow the apps to uninstall or install themselves. However, the apps may not work properly on your VAIO computer if such options are used.

  • Installing apps to modify partition sizes may disable recovery or Recovery Media creation. To avoid this, create the Recovery Media immediately after your VAIO computer is ready for use. [Details]

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