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Information regarding the Android TV software update.

Your Android TV software version is scheduled to receive a major update. The update is scheduled to begin after 05/2017. If the Android TV software is updated, the following various features are added or improved.

New Features    Enhanced Features    No Longer Supported Features

IMPORTANT: This article only applies to specific products and/or operating systems.

Applicable Products
KD-**S8000D/**X8000D/** X8300D /**X7500D/**X7000D/**Z9D

To update the TV software, press the HELP button on the remote control and then select System software update.

New Features

Picture-in-picture during using an app Task-switching

Watch TV*1 in a small window while also using Android TV apps.

*1: Picture-in-picture only works with the built in tuner or HDMI Inputs.

Switch between previously used Apps and the current app by pressing and holding the HOME button on your remote control until the Task-switching menu appears.

Includes Asphalt Nitro

The Games category includes Asphalt Nitro game by Gameloft.

Enhanced Features

Expanded support for Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR content. Using voice search with the browser*2

Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR content is now supported via:

・USB/Home network

You can now use voice search in the browser app.
Browser results are also included in the search results from the HOME menu.


*2: Internet connection is required.

Voice search for Serial AbTak*3
(Only in India)
Improved the Settings screen

Voice search will also provide search results for Serial AbTak

*3: Internet connection is required.

The Settings screen has been re-designed to allow you to change settings while viewing the screen.
(except some setting screen)

Before updating

After updating

Add multiple Google accounts to your TV

You can now add multiple Google accounts to your Android TV.

No Longer Supported Features

Dropping support for the Gameloft Hub

We are sorry to say that we will no longer support the Gameloft Hub. Downloaded apps from Gameloft will be visible in the Games category on the HOME menu of the TV. For more information please contact Gameloft.

NOTES: On applying the major software update.

・When performing the update, follow the procedure carefully.

・Perform the update on your own responsibility.

・After performing the update, the software cannot be reverted to the previous version.

・Some settings may be initialized by performing the update. In this case, perform the settings again.

・After performing the update, application updates may be required from Google Play, etc.

・After performing the update, applications for old OS versions may not work properly.