VAIO User Guide VPCJ22 Series


Parts and Controls on the Front

Describes the features on the front of the VAIO computer, such as buttons and indicator lights.
  1. WIRELESS indicator [Details]

  1. Disc drive indicator

  1. Power indicator [Details]

  1. WEB button [Details]

  1. DISPLAY OFF button/indicator

  1. Power button [Details]

  1. Built-in microphone (monaural)

  1. Built-in camera indicator [Details]

  1. Built-in camera [Details]

  1. LCD screen or touch screen [Details]

  1. Built-in speakers (stereo)

Notes on the LCD screen

The LCD screen is manufactured using high-precision technology. You may, however, see tiny black points and/or bright points (red, blue, or green) that continuously appear on the LCD screen. The ratio of defective pixels to all available pixels of the LCD screen is less than 0.0006 %. Also, depending on the viewing angle, uneven stripes of changes in color and luminance may appear. These are normal results of the LCD screen construction and do not indicate a malfunction. Take note that returns and replacements are not accepted.
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