VAIO User Guide SVE1411/SVE1511/SVE1711 Series


About Types of Backup

You can use the Windows Backup and Restore feature to back up your valuable data.
There are several types of backup to meet your needs, as described below.

Backing up files

You can select and back up folders and files stored on your VAIO computer to a DVD or an external hard disk drive. For details on how to back up data, refer to Windows Help and Support.

Backing up system images

You can create a backup copy of the whole system of your VAIO computer. If the built-in storage device or the computer ever stops working, you can use the system image to restore the computer as it was when backed up.
To create a system image, you need an optional hard disk drive formatted in NTFS format. You can also back up a system image to optical discs such as Blu-ray Disc or DVD disc.
For details on how to create a system image, refer to Windows Help and Support.

Restore point

After you install new software or change Windows settings, your VAIO computer may have some problems (such as slow response, unable to launch software, etc.).
You can create a restore point before such an installation or setting change to restore your system to an earlier point in time if it has a problem. For details on a restore point, see Creating a Restore Point. [Details]
  • We will not restore or compensate for any lost or damaged data under any circumstances including failure of your VAIO computer.

  • Create Recovery Media soon after purchasing your VAIO computer. In the event that you cannot make a backup copy of your data with the Windows feature due to computer malfunctions, you can use the backup tool included in Recovery Media to back up your data.
    For information on how to create Recovery Media, see Creating Recovery Media. [Details]

  • If your VAIO computer is equipped with no disc drive, you need to connect an external device, such as an external hard disk drive or DVD drive, to the computer before backup, or you need to resize the partition of your C: drive and create another partition before backup. [Details]

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