VAIO User Guide SVE14A1 Series


About Recovery

Recovery is the process of restoring your VAIO computer back to its original factory condition.
There are two ways to recover the computer:
  • From Recovery Media

  • From the recovery area

When do I have to perform recovery?

  • If your VAIO computer has become unstable

  • If your VAIO computer has been infected with a computer virus

  • If your VAIO computer is experiencing problems which cannot be solved through troubleshooting

  • If you have formatted the C: drive by mistake

Which software should I use to maintain and recover my VAIO computer?

Use the following software.


  • Creating Recovery Media

  • Checking your computer hardware

VAIO Care Rescue

  • Rescuing (backing up) your data

  • Recovering your VAIO computer

  • Erasing all the data on your built-in storage device

  • Refer to the help file included with VAIO Care and VAIO Care Rescue for more information.

What is a recovery area?

The recovery area on the built-in storage device contains data for system and application recovery. Typically, you cannot modify or delete data in this area, however, there is commercially available software designed for this purpose.

Why do I have to create Recovery Media?

Recovery Media are used to restore your VAIO computer back to its original factory condition. If Windows does not start and you have deleted the recovery area, you will need the Recovery Media to perform recovery.
Create the Recovery Media immediately after the computer is ready for use.
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