VAIO User Guide SVE14A1 Series


Creating Recovery Media

Follow the instructions below to create Recovery Media.

To create Recovery Media

  • You can use optical discs and a USB flash drive as Recovery Media. However, it is recommended that you use DVD-R or BD-R media, since you may accidentally delete the data on the USB flash drive.
    The types of media your VAIO computer supports differ depending on the model you purchased.

  • The types of media you can use for Recovery Media are DVD-R/BD-R/DVD+R/DVD+R DL/DVD-R DL/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/BD-RE/BD-R DL/BD-RE DL.
    The types of media your VAIO computer supports, the number of necessary discs, and the capacity of the USB flash drive you need will be displayed during the Recovery Media creation process.

  1. Connect your VAIO computer to the Internet, download and install the latest updates using VAIO Update.

  1. Click (Start), All Programs, and VAIO Care.

If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes.
  • If you are currently logged onto your VAIO computer as a standard user, you may be prompted to enter an administrator name and a password.

  1. Click Advanced Tools, Restore and recovery, and Create Recovery Media.

  1. Read the on-screen instructions carefully, and then click Next.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • It may take some time to display the current status of the procedure.

  • Do not eject or disconnect the media while creating Recovery Media, as doing so may result in a failure of the process.

  • Keep the Recovery Media in a secure place.

Notes on creating Recovery Media

  • Recovery Media is specific to your VAIO computer on which it was created.

  • Create Recovery Media immediately after your VAIO computer is ready for use. In the following cases, you may not be able to recover the computer from the recovery area and Recovery Media will be necessary:

  • You have modified the recovery area with software designed for data modification.

  • You have installed an operating system different from the preinstalled operating system on the computer.

  • You have formatted your built-in storage device without using VAIO Care Rescue.

  • Do not touch or soil the surface of the discs. Fingerprints or dust on the surface may cause read/write errors.

  • Depending on the model you purchased, you may not be able to create Recovery Media using optical discs except DVD-R due to disk space shortage.

  • Refer to the help file included with VAIO Care beforehand when you use a USB flash drive as Recovery Media.

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