VAIO User Guide SVZ1311 Series


Playing Blu-ray 3D(TM) Disc Media on a 3D TV
<Blu-ray Disc(TM) Drive equipped models>

If your VAIO computer or a docking station (supplied or optional) is equipped with the Blu-ray Disc Drive and the 3D graphics controller, you can play Blu-ray 3D Disc media and view 3D images on a 3D-capable display, such as a 3D TV, by connecting the display to the computer or the docking station.
Refer to the manual that came with your 3D TV for information on the 3D TV settings and operations.
  1. Connect a docking station to your VAIO computer.

  1. Connect a 3D TV to your VAIO computer or the docking station.

  1. Press the Fn+F7 keys and click Settings.

  1. Select External Display mode and change the display output to only the 3D TV connected to the HDMI output port.

  1. Start the Blu-ray Disc playback software.

  1. Insert Blu-ray Disc media into the optical disc drive slot. [Details]

  • Be sure to follow the instructions in the manuals that came with your VAIO computer when viewing 3D images.

  • Be sure to use the 3D glasses specified by the TV manufacturer while viewing 3D images.

  • Refer to the manual that came with your 3D TV for detailed information on the 3D function.

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