VAIO User Guide SVZ1311 Series


Inserting/Removing a Disc
<Optical disc drive equipped models>

Insert/remove a disc to/from your VAIO computer that is turned on.

To insert a disc

  1. Connect a docking station (supplied or optional) to your VAIO computer. [Details]

  1. Insert a disc (1) into the optical disc drive slot.

Slide a disc as illustrated below. Data is recorded on the underside (no label).
  • Slide the disc straight into the slot without applying excessive pressure to the disc.

  • Make sure there is no disc inserted in the optical disc drive before inserting a disc into the slot.

To remove a disc

  1. Press the disc eject button (1).

The disc slides out.
  • Do not forcibly pull out the disc from the optical disc drive before it completely slides out.

  • Do not move the docking station while the optical disc drive is reading/writing data from/to a disc, as it may cause a mechanical shock or vibration.

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