VAIO User Guide SVZ1311 Series


About Region Codes
<Optical disc drive equipped models>

The following is a list of DVD region codes indicating playable regions of DVD media.
You can check the region codes of DVD media sold in the following countries or regions.
  1. USA, Canada

  1. Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Japan

  1. Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong

  1. Central America, South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand

  1. North Africa, Asia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, India

  1. China

  1. Reserved for future use

  1. International aircraft, international cruise ship, international conference hall, etc.

If it is your first time to play a DVD video on your VAIO computer, follow these steps before inserting the disc:
  1. Click (Start) and Computer.

  1. Right-click the optical disc drive icon and select Properties.

  1. Click the Hardware tab.

  1. Select your optical disc drive from the All disk drives list and click Properties.

  1. Click the DVD Region tab.

  1. Select an appropriate region from the list and click OK.

  • You can change the region code only a limited number of times. When you have exceeded this number, the drive’s region code is permanently assigned and you will not be able to change it again. Reconfiguring your VAIO computer does not reset this count.

  • Any difficulties caused by changing the region code settings of the drive are not covered by the warranty.

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