VAIO User Guide SVZ1311 Series


Deleting the Dedicated Partition for Rapid Wake during Recovery (Before Using the Drive Encryption Feature)

With the default Sleep mode settings, the computer’s state is saved to the dedicated partition when your VAIO computer enters Sleep mode.
You, however, cannot encrypt this partition with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption or other drive encryption features.
If you use any drive encryption feature, recover the computer first with the settings which the dedicated partition is not created with to avoid leaving unencrypted data on the computer.
  1. Press the ASSIST button while your VAIO computer is off to start VAIO Care Rescue.

  1. Click Tools and Start advanced recovery wizard.

Follow the on-screen instructions until a screen to select recovery type appears.
  1. Select an option except for Custom recovery - C: drive only.

  1. Click to clear the Create a dedicated partition to enable Rapid Wake check box or the Use space on the SSD to enable Rapid Wake check box in the Additional options screen and click Next.

With this setting, the dedicated partition is not created during the recovery.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. After the recovery is complete, restart your VAIO computer.

  1. Make sure that Rapid Wake is disabled on VAIO Control Center. [Details]

If not, the recovery may not be complete properly. Try again starting from step 1.
  1. Enable the drive encryption feature.

  • Recovering your VAIO computer deletes all data on your built-in storage device.

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