VAIO User Guide SVZ1311 Series


What should I do if I cannot save data on my floppy disk?

  • Make sure your floppy disk is properly inserted in the USB floppy disk drive connected to your VAIO computer.
    Make sure the floppy disk is right-side up before inserting it into the drive.

  • If a message indicating that your floppy disk is full appears, your floppy disk does not have enough free space.
    Change the floppy disk to another with enough free space and then save data again.

  • If a message indicating that your floppy disk is write-protected appears, slide a write-protect tab on the floppy disk to disable the write-protect feature.
    Sliding the write-protect tab to the open position enables the write-protect feature.

  • Check if a USB storage device is available.
    The USB ports are disabled if Disabled is selected for the USB ports in the BIOS setup screen. In such a case, change the BIOS setting. [Details]