VAIO User Guide


Parts and Controls on the Front

Describes the features on the front of the VAIO computer, such as buttons and indicator lights.
  1. Built-in camera*1 [Details]

  1. Built-in camera indicator [Details]

  1. Built-in microphone (monaural)*2 [Details]

  1. LCD screen or touch screen (Touch screen equipped models) [Details]

  1. Built-in speakers (stereo)

  1. Keyboard

  1. Touch pad [Details]

*1 The shape of the built-in camera depends on the model.
*2 The location of the built-in microphone depends on the model.

  1. Ambient light sensor [Details]

  1. Drive eject button [Details]

  1. ASSIST button [Details]

  1. WEB button [Details]

  1. VAIO button [Details]

  1. Power button [Details]

  1. Num lock indicator

  1. Caps lock indicator

  1. Scroll lock indicator

  1. Power indicator [Details]

  1. Charge indicator [Details]

  1. “Memory Stick Duo” / SD memory card combined slot (“Memory Stick Duo” [Details], SD memory card [Details])

“Memory Stick Duo” and an SD memory card cannot be inserted into the slot simultaneously.
  1. Disc drive indicator

  1. Media access indicator (“Memory Stick Duo” [Details], SD memory card [Details])

  1. WIRELESS indicator [Details]

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