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About the Touch Screen
<Touch screen equipped models>

The touch screen enables direct interaction with your VAIO computer using your finger(s). You can perform various gestures on the touch screen.
Your VAIO computer supports multi-touch input.
  • Your VAIO computer is equipped with a capacitive touch screen. When using it, note the following characteristics of the capacitive touch screen.

  • The touch screen will not work if you touch it with fingernails, or if you wear gloves.

  • If tapping triggers an unintentional operation, make sure that no other parts of your body are in contact with the touch screen.

  • The surface of the touch screen may get hot. This is normal and does not indicate a malfunction.

  • Even though the surface of the touch screen is tempered glass, it could still become damaged. Treat it with adequate care. If it breaks, small granular shards may scatter and cause injury.
    Do not drop the touch screen or subject it to a strong impact. Do not scratch the surface. A surface flaw may cause the glass to break.

  • A protection sheet may be attached to the LCD screen frame at the factory. Remove the sheet before use; otherwise the touch screen may not work correctly.

  • Some apps do not accept touch screen operations.

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