VAIO User Guide


Selecting Display Modes

You can switch the display output between the computer screen and an external display connected to your VAIO computer.
  1. Turn on an external display.

  1. Press the Fn+F7 keys several times to select your desired display output, and then press the Enter key.

  • If you disconnect a display cable (not supplied) while only an external display is selected as the display output, it is hard to operate your VAIO computer because the computer screen is blank.
    To switch the display output to the computer screen, press the Fn+F7 keys twice, then the Enter key.

  • The display switch may become unavailable or your VAIO computer may become unstable during video playback. Exit the video playback app before switching the display output.

  • The display switch may not be available depending on the type of external display or projector.

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