VAIO User Guide


Using the Multiple Monitors Function

The Multiple Monitors function allows you to distribute portions of your desktop across separate displays.
For example, if you have an external display connected to the monitor port, the computer screen and the external display can function as a single desktop.
  1. Right-click on the desktop [Details] and select Screen resolution.

  1. Select Extend these displays from the drop-down list next to Multiple Displays and OK.

The setting options vary depending on the number of the connected external displays.
  • Your external display may not support the Multiple Monitors function.

  • Certain apps may not be compatible with the Multiple Monitors settings.

  • Do not change the display settings while using video/image apps or playing DVDs, as it may cause unsuccessful playback/display or unstable system operations.
    Change the display settings after you exit the video/image app.

  • You can set the screen resolution for each display used for the Multiple Monitors function.

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