VAIO User Guide


Inserting/Removing a Disc
<Optical disc drive equipped models>

Insert/remove a disc to/from your VAIO computer that is turned on.
  1. Press the drive eject button.

The drive tray slides out.
  • The location of the drive eject button varies depending on the model you purchased. It is located on the front or side of your VAIO computer.

  1. Insert/remove a disc to/from your VAIO computer.

When you insert a disc:
Hold the bottom of the drive tray with one hand, place a disc in the middle of the drive tray, and gently push it down until the disc clicks into place. If the disc is not properly placed when you close the drive tray, it may become unable to open.
Place the disc with the label side facing upward.
  • Do not exert pressure on the drive tray when placing a disc.

  1. Close the drive tray by pushing it in gently.

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