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Removing Recovery Content to Free up Disk Space

Your built-in storage device contains the recovery area where the data for system recovery is stored. If your VAIO computer includes a solid state drive (SSD), you might want to minimize the recovery area by removing such data to free up disk space on the C: drive (or the last drive in your drive list, for example D: drive).
You need Recovery Media to remove the data for system recovery or to recover the computer after you remove the data.
Note that removing recovery content makes it impossible to use the refresh function.
  1. Create Recovery Media if you have not yet created it. [Details]

  1. Insert the Recovery Media into the optical disc drive or connect a USB flash drive (not supplied) to the USB port on your VAIO computer while the computer is in Normal mode.

  1. Turn off your VAIO computer.

  1. Press the ASSIST button to display the VAIO Care Rescue Mode screen and select Start from media (USB device/optical disc).

Follow the on-screen instructions until the Choose an option screen appears.
  1. Select Troubleshoot and Recovery and maintenance.
    Follow the on-screen instructions until the VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) : Recover or maintain your system screen appears.

  1. Select Tools and Remove recovery partition.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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