VAIO User Guide


What should I do if I do not hear sound from speakers or headphones?

  • Check if the volume from speakers or headphones is not minimized.

  • Press the + button of the volume control buttons on the wireless keyboard to turn up the volume loud enough to hear sound.

  • Check if the volume in Windows is not turned off or minimized. [Details]
    When the volume is turned off (), select (Deactivate muting) to turn on the volume (). When the volume is minimized, turn up the volume.

  • When connecting external speakers or headphones, check the following:

  • Make sure external speakers or headphones are properly connected to your VAIO computer. [Details]

  • If external speakers require external power, make sure the speakers are securely connected to an AC outlet.

  • Make sure external speakers are turned on.

  • Make sure the volume from external speakers is not minimized.

  • Make sure the sound output device is correctly selected. [Details]

  • Check the volume on the playback app you are using.