VAIO User Guide


What should I do if I cannot connect my VAIO computer to an access point (or the Internet)?

  • See What should I do if I cannot use the Wi-Fi(R) (Wireless LAN) function?. [Details]

  • Make sure the access point is on.

  • Check the access point settings.
    In the following settings, your VAIO computer may fail to connect to an access point, or the connection may be unstable.

  • When the access point is set to refuse communication with a device whose SSID is set to “ANY,” and the SSID of your VAIO computer or the access point is set to “ANY.”

  • When the access point is in stealth mode.
    For more information, refer to the manual that came with your access point, or consult your Wi-Fi service provider.

  • Make sure your VAIO computer and access point are connected to one another. [Details]

  • Connection capability is affected by distance, obstructions, device configuration, radio wave strength/interference, wall materials, running apps, etc.
    Move your VAIO computer away from obstructions or closer to any access point you may be using.

  • Open the charms [Details] and select the Settings charm and (the network icon).
    Check that your access point is displayed.