VAIO User Guide


Why is my BLUETOOTH(R) connection slow?

  • Data transfer speed depends on obstructions and/or the distance between the two devices, radio wave quality, and the device configuration or apps in use.
    Move your VAIO computer and BLUETOOTH device closer to each other.

  • If a version of a BLUETOOTH standard employed on the BLUETOOTH device with which you want to communicate is not the same version as the one employed on your VAIO computer, the communication speed may become slower.

  • If your VAIO computer is compliant with BLUETOOTH high speed technology and the following two conditions are met, high-speed communications are available. However, some BLUETOOTH profiles do not support high-speed communications.

  • The BLUETOOTH device with which you want to communicate supports BLUETOOTH high speed technology.

  • Both the Wi-Fi(R) (Wireless LAN) and BLUETOOTH functions on the computer are enabled.