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Congratulations on your purchase of this VAIO(R) computer.

About your VAIO computer’s configuration

To find out about the configuration of your VAIO computer, visit the Sony online support website. [Details]
Some features, options, and supplied items may not be available on your VAIO computer.


Available features vary depending on the model or options you selected. Not all features described in this manual are available depending on your model.


Illustrations, photos, or screenshots in this manual may look slightly different depending on the model or options you selected.


The preinstalled apps may vary depending on the model or options you selected. The apps described in this manual may not be preinstalled on your VAIO computer.

Supplied manuals

The following manuals are supplied with your VAIO computer.

On-screen documentation

  • User Guide - Introduction Version [Details]

    A preinstalled manual with limited information of your VAIO computer, focused on support and Internet connection. The User Guide - Introduction Version is replaced with a complete version of the User Guide (this manual), after update.

  • User Guide (this manual)

    General information and operation instructions about your VAIO computer including support and troubleshooting information

Printed documentation

  • Quick Start Guide

    An overview of how to set up and get started with your VAIO computer

  • Recovery, Backup and Troubleshooting Guide

    Information on how to recover and back up your VAIO computer, as well as troubleshooting information

  • Safety Regulations, etc.

    Read carefully before activating the wireless functions such as the wireless LAN and BLUETOOTH technology.

Other references

    A comprehensive resource for practical advice, tutorials, and demonstrations to help you learn to use your VAIO computer.
  • App help files

    App help files may be included with the preinstalled apps on your VAIO computer. You may be able to access the help files from the help menu.


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  • The software described herein is governed by the terms of a separate user license agreement.

  • Sony Corporation is not liable and will not compensate for any lost recordings made to your VAIO computer, external recording media, or recording devices or any relevant losses, including when recordings are not made due to reasons including the computer failure, or when the contents of a recording are lost or damaged as a result of the computer failure or repair undertaken to the computer. Sony Corporation will not restore, recover, or replicate the recorded contents made to the computer, external recording media, or recording devices under any circumstances.

  • Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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