Personal ComputerVAIO Fit 14E/15ESVF1431/SVF1441/SVF1531/SVF1541

Installing the Battery Pack

Install the battery pack into the battery compartment of your VAIO computer.

  1. Turn off your VAIO computer, disconnect the power cord and all connection cables, and close the LCD screen lid.
  2. Slide the battery LOCK switch () to the unlock position.

  3. Slide the battery pack diagonally into the battery compartment until the projection () on each side of the battery compartment fits into the groove () on each side of the battery pack.

  4. Turn the battery pack in the direction of the arrow and push the battery pack down into the compartment until it clicks into place.

  5. Slide the battery LOCK switch to the LOCK position to secure the battery pack on your VAIO computer.


  • Make sure the battery LOCK switch is in the LOCK position before using your VAIO computer. Using the computer without locking the battery pack securely may cause the following: the battery pack comes away or the computer does not turn on or suddenly shuts down.