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Notes on Using the Touch Screen (Touch screen equipped models)

Before using the touch screen, read the following precautions for correct use.

  • Do not push the touch screen roughly.

    Gentle touches always work as your VAIO computer is equipped with a capacitive touch screen.

  • Do not use an object other than your finger to use the touch screen.

    The touch screen may be damaged or a malfunction may occur. Be sure to touch the screen only with your finger.

  • The touch screen may not work properly if you turn on your VAIO computer while touching the screen or if the computer is affected by electromagnetic waves during the start-up process. In such a case, restart the computer.

  • The touch screen may not work for several seconds after your VAIO computer returns to Normal mode from Sleep mode. In such a case, wait for a while before using the touch screen.

  • Keep the touch screen clean for good touch sensitivity. Dirt may cause damage or a malfunction.